We use Wironium for four simple reasons; quality, commitment, integrity, and progress. Bego's focus forward of Partners in Progress brings our industry the necessary integrity and commitment to quality and progress, which will provide the innovation to power the future of dental technology.


Bego has been producing a wide variety of alloys since the 1890's. Equipment and materials "Made by BEGO", the proven BEGO system and BEGO knowAmerican Dental Arts is a Proud Member of the International Wironium Circle-how are synonymous with top-quality products which combine safety and reliability. Bego's beryllium free alloys are the industry standard for health and safety. Wironium has emerged above its class as the most reliable and proven alloy for partial denture prosthetics. Remember the full Wironium family is only available to I.W.C. laboratories.

Partial Framework in WironiumAn example of our Wironium Partials. This piece used in the 2003 American College of Prosthodontists annual session. Click here to view more examples.

Wironium is not just one alloy, it is an entire family of products designed to provide full service in prosthetic restorations. The versatility offered in this system is unmatched. We use equipment, techniques and materials developed specifically for the Wironium system. All formulated to work with Wironium investments, alloys and techniques.

The versatility we spoke of begins with the options of a silicone or hydrocolloid duplicating process. The hydrocolloid provides a cost effective and consistent duplication for the bulk of our standard partials with processed acrylic. And when we are using partials in conjunction with precision attachments and milling, the silicone process provides a much more accurate and detailed duplication through which we can achieve the necessary results.

The Wironium family contains different alloys for different wants and needs in many facets of prosthetic restorations.  Each alloy has specially formulated investments and techniques to provide the highest quality casting every time.

Wironium from Bego

Wironium Regular is a top-rate alloy, tried and tested worldwide, with above-average mechanical properties: excellently suited for laser welding thanks to reduced carbon concentration. The Regular Wironium is a very fine alloy for partial skeletons. It is readily adjustable with no fear of clasp breakage and is kinder to the natural dentition than most chromes. We consider it the closest thing we have in a chrome to match the comfort of a Type 4 gold against the natural dentition. There are other alloys out there that are easily adjustable without breakage, however these alloys do not contain the memory of Wironium. Wironium maintains a high degree of stability, so that clasps activate with no problem. When you adjust a clasp, you want it to stay adjusted. With Wironium it does.


Wironium Plus from BegoWironium Plus is the next member of the family. This alloy is a bit harder than Regular Wironium, and is excellently suited to daintier applications and designs. In this family of patented cobalt-chrome partial denture alloys the Wironium Plus fills the bill for partial dentures par excellence. It is considered the universal alloy for combination work and partial dentures. Like all members of the Wironium family Wironium Plus possesses a higher ductile yield and tensile strength, while still maintaining a very high elongation limit. This harder alloy provides an increased resistance to deformation. The biocompatibility of all Wironiums are certified by neutral institutes. Wironium Plus is only available from Licensed Wironium laboratories.


Wironium Extra Hard from Bego

Wironium Extra Hard is the sensible alternative whenever an alloy with greater strength and a somewhat lower elongation limit is required. These features let this alloy formulation shine in situations that call for very rigid and dainty designs. Yet, through all of this Wironium Extra Hard maintains its adjustability and memory in clasp activation. As with the other alloys it is excellently suited for laser welding thanks to reduced carbon concentration. Wironium Extra Hard is only available from Licensed Wironium laboratories.


Wirobond from BegoWirobond C is a cobalt-chrome metal-to-ceramic alloy -free of nickel and beryllium-that sets new standards. This alloy maintains a biocompatibility and high corrosion resistance thanks to a firmly adhering passive layer. Modulus of elasticity double that of precious metals in this alloy, actually making it more flexible. The outstanding bonding strength with ceramics is a boon to the industry as it saves time initially, and is less likely to crack or break later. This material also boasts a high heat resistance and low thermal conductivity making it an optimal working alloy. As with all Wironium products, the biocompatibility is certified by neutral institutes.