We are a full service laboratory specializing in high quality precision attachment and implant work. Please browse our products below and to the left for more information. On each product page is a form to request specific product literature.


Cast Wironium Partials

Find out about our quality, our reasons behind design, and why we use Wironium.


Look over our denture quality and materials.


Eclipse is the new hypo-allergenic way to fabricate partials and dentures. Find out how it can make your practice better.

Precision Attachments

We specialize in high quality precision attachment work and other difficult cases. Successful implant cases require precise and high quality work on the side of the laboratory as well as the dentist. Let us show you how we can turn your implant nightmares into implant dreams.

Bite Appliances

Don't let this small portion of your practice go without the high quality your patients expect.

Crown and Bridge

Fixed restorations are often necessary in combination and specialty cases. Let us take your crown and bridge work to a new level.