A beautiful combination milled case. For more detail of this case, click here.

With our years of experience in attachment and implant work, we can help you plan each case. Case planning for such precision work is crucial to a successful restoration. We can work with you from the initial consultation and fabricate the surgical stints for implant placement, through to fabricating the custom trays, constructing the implant bars, and creating the final denture or partial. We use a high noble high palladium alloy specifically formulated for the function and performance that an implant bar requires for accuracy and a long life. We also have a wide range of specialty alloys at our disposal should your case call for something different.

For our precision milling work, we have taken the time and the care to invest in a Bego Paraskop milling machine. With this cutting edge technology we can deliver you a high quality excellent precision restoration. If you would like a personal consultation with one of our experienced technicians, please call us at 316-838-5533 or toll free at 1-888-467-8667 to discuss your next attachment or implant success.

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Estimates available upon request. For more information see Case Planning under Services.