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An overview of steps in constructing a full denture restoration in the Eclipse System.

Eclipse is a revolutionary new prosthetic resin system: monomer-free* and investment-free. The Eclipse System uses three resins to form the denture: Baseplate Resin, Set-up Resin and Contour Resin. The resins were developed to handle like wax, yet be cured into a denture base material without investing and flasking. The baseplate used at try-in will be incorporated into the denture that will be delivered. The fit at try-in has been shown in a clinical study to equal fit at delivery.

For more information on the Eclipse System, please visit the Dentsply website.

Key Benefits

  • An Indirect Build-up Method now every case starts with a processed baseplate
  • Monomer-free* - more bio-compatible and helps create a better work environment in the lab
  • No flasking or investing lessening the chances of processing errors and changes in vertical dimension, saving labor costs
  • Teeth are more stable during try-in and in transit to/from your dental laboratory

* Eclipse does not contain ethyl, methyl, butyl or propyl methacrylate monomers.


Estimates available upon request. For more information see Case Planning under Services.