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Our removable dentures are fabricated with either Lucitone denture resins, the industry standard; Ivocap injection; or Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System. We are able to provide you with a wide range of shades and custom characterizations to tailor the denture to your patient. We also have a wide range of teeth available to suit your needs. With all of our materials we seek to duplicate mother nature and provide a natural and nearly invisible looking denture. We give special care and attention to the gingival lines and the gum characterization through the entire creation of each denture. You can be assured of a natural and esthetically pleasing denture every time.

Lucitone 199

Lucitone 199 acrylic delivers the best impact resistance of any resin available today. Lucitone is the industry standard for acrylics, and for no small reason. Its high impact resistance translates directly into fewer repairs. Which leaves your patients with peace of mind. The lifelike shades are a patient-pleaser. And the fit is second to none. Choose the acrylic that makes you look good.

Key Benefits of Lucitone 199

Ivocap Injection

The uniquely designed Ivocap System allows the acrylic to incrementally polymerize from the anterior to the posterior while additional material continually injects to compensate for the shrinkage. The result is a better fitting, more comfortable restoration that requires fewer chair side adjustments. 

Key Benefits of Ivocap Injection

Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System

The Eclipse system is unique in that a processed baseplate is used at try in. So the fit at try in will be the fit at delivery. No other material offers this guarantee. Eclipse is also a totally monomer free product, creating a better work environment for you, the lab, and a hypo-allergenic restoration for the patient.

Key Benefits of Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System


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