From sports guards to night guards, to bleaching trays, we offer quality bite appliances for your treatment plan.

Bite appliances are often an integral part of a treatment plan for many patients. These patients need quality and excellence just as much as a denture or partial patient. We offer that care and attention to detail in all of our products and services. Depending on the needs of the case we offer materials ranging from Therm-o-flex, to processed clear Lucitone and Ivocap, to Eclipse. Rest assured we can help you fulfill a successful treatment plan.


Therm-o-flex is a wonderful material for many bite appliances. Its unique temperature activated properties give it several advantages over other materials. The thicker materials will remain soft next to the dentition, while maintaining the necessary rigidity at the occlusal edge. This unique property results in an increased wear time. It can also be easily warmed for a comfortable and effortless delivery.

Key Benefits of Therm-o-flex

Processed Clear Lucitone

Lucitone Clear acrylic delivers a high impact resistance just like other Lucitone products. Lucitone is the industry standard for acrylics, and for no small reason. Its high impact resistance translates directly into fewer repairs. Which leaves your patients with peace of mind. The clarity of Lucitone clear is amazing. And the fit is second to none. Choose the acrylic that makes you look good.

Key Benefits of Processed Clear Lucitone

Processed Clear Ivocap Injection

The uniquely designed Ivocap System allows the acrylic to incrementally polymerize from the anterior to the posterior while additional material continually injects to compensate for the shrinkage. The result is a better fitting, more comfortable appliance that requires fewer chair side adjustments. 

Key Benefits of Processed Clear Ivocap Injection

Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System

The Eclipse system is unique in that we can produce a hard night guard, a soft night guard, or a combination. Eclipse is also a totally monomer free product, creating a better work environment for you, the lab, and a hypo-allergenic restoration for the patient.

Key Benefits of Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System


Estimates available upon request. For more information see Case Planning under Services.